Monday, December 15, 2008


The UB Post increases its quarterly subscription price for local readers

The UB Post will increase its quarterly subscription price for local subscribers to Tg9,900 effective from January, 2009 due to increasing cost of delivery to outside of Ulaanbaatar. This measure will not affect foreign subscribers.
Mongol Post, a postal service company, which provides newspaper distribution service for the UB Post, has increased its price of delivery service package to rural settlements to Tg1,900 while delivery within Ulaanbaatar city remained at Tg600 per 1 kilogram of press. The Mongol Post company explained that the measure is caused by price hike of gasoline.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


New design

The UB Post will be printed in narrow pages tomorrow. Title font have been changed to Garamond-type of font faces from old Times.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The UB Post to narrow its pages

The UB Post will shrink by lopping five centimeters off its width due to increasing newsprint and delivery costs. Beginning by next week, all pages will be downsized. The depth of the page will stay the same. The downsizing will mean some changes in the Post's layout, and appearance. The pages will have fewer columns, five to seven fairly narrow columns. And, the sizes of advertisements will also be reduced down. At the time, we are looking for a news designer, skilled in Adobe InDesign.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Doha Center Helps UB Post Photographer

A PHOTOGRAPHER who contributes to the UB Post, B.Byamba-Ochir, received serious head injury when the post-election demonstration he was covering on July 1 turned violent.
The Doha Center for Media Freedom last week helped to pay for the photographer’s urgently required medical treatment, which he will receive outside of Mongolia.
Byamba-Ochir, a photographer with the Mongol News Media Group, which publishes several independent periodicals including than the UB Post, is an award-winning professional photojournalist.
The Doha Center for Media Freedom was set up in 2007 to provide journalists with assistance, whatever their origin, culture or views.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Web site for sale web site is available for immediate sale at US$1,000. Send me your letter of interest to

Good reasons to buy this cheap offer.

  • Top-level domain (Newswire)
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MFA releases statement on Altantuya murder trial

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia last week released a statement regarding Altantuya murder trial. Here it is.

The world community is well aware of the brutal murder of Mongolian citizen ALTANTUYA Shaariibuu on October 19, 2006 in Punchak Alam, Malyasia being shot twice and blown up by an explosive.

The Government of Mongolia reaffirms hereby that it has been consistently paying attention, from the very beginning of this notorious crime, to the court proceedings. The Prime Minister and the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Mongolia have sent letters twice each to their Malaysian counterparts expressing their confidence on the related Malaysian authority to bring a murderer to justice and deliberate a fair court conviction for the case.

The Government of Mongolia deeply regrets that the Malaysian High Court judge made a decision, on October 31, 2008, to acquit Abdul Razak Baginda- the murder suspect for killing Mongolian ALTANTUYA Shaariibuu.

Although Mongolia has no legal rights to take part in the Court proceedings, the Government of Mongolia is responsible for protecting legitimate rights and interests of its citizen under international treaties and national legislation.

In connection with the recent court decision to acquit the suspect Abdul Razak Baginda, the Minister for Foreign Relations and Trade of Mongolia, Mr.S.Batbold has again sent a letter addressed to the Foreign Minister of Malaysia, Mr. Rice Yatim requesting the latter to pay attention to and render support for ensuring conditions for a final court decision free from politics and other side influence.

The letter carries a statement by the Mongolian Government testifying that it will have a strong reasoning for turning to the international court in order to defend rights and interests of its citizen if the court final decision results in unfair trial and proceedings.

A trial for the special unit officers charged for the murder is expected to take place shortly and the Mongolian Government keeps its eyes and ears wide open on the proceeding.


Mining web site launched

A new magazine, Mongolian Mining Journal, is launched. Visit here.


More vacancies opened

Really don't have much time to update this blog very often. The UB Post is in urgent need of journalists and translators, advertising manager, and layout designer. Anyone (mongolians only) interested, send us your CV to

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Online credit card payment processing system launched

Dear readers,

The UB Post, a media partner of Euromoney Mongolia Investment Forum, is pleased to announce that we launched online credit card payment processing system on our web site. Because of growing number of foreign subscribers, they need to make payment from abroad by fastest and safest way. We used to accept only bank’s account-to-account transfer method, which takes some weeks to be cleared. By installing online system of credit card payment by Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia, we will be able to accept payment by major credit cards like VISA, and Mastercard for our online subscription, and to deliver the paper without delay. The credit card payment would then be received in just shorter than just two working days. We thank to Infinite Solutions, an IT solution company, and Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia for their work to make this possible.
In further, we are working to expand this service, and hoping to do same for our foreign advertisers outside Mongolia. They will be able to reserve a space for their ad from abroad, and make payment by their credit card faster and safer.

If you want to subscribe to our online edition, please go to

Thank you

UB Post

UB Post Online subscription

1. Easy access.
Flip through pages and skim headlines all on your computer.
2. Easy to read.
Zoom in to articles, pictures and graphs.
3. Convenient.
Available by late-evening of every Wednesday. So, you will be able to read the paper before it goes out on newsstands on Thursday.
4. Archive.
View past issues online without taking up valuable space on your computer!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Online credit card processing system soon

I'm trying to set up an online credit card payment processing system on the newspaper's web site. Because of growing number of foreign advertisers, they need to make payment from abroad by fastest and safest way. Currently, we do only accept bank account-to-account transfer method, which takes some weeks to be cleared. By installing online system of credit card payment, we will be able to accept payment by major credit cards like VISA, Mastercard, JCB, and American Express for both subscription and advertisement right away. The credit card payment would then be received in just shorter than two working days.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Happy Naadam Holiday

To all readers of our newspaper, Happy Naadam National Holiday!


Mongolian woman at Britain's Got Talent 2008

Mongolian felt proud of L.Oyungerel or Iona, a Mongolian law student in Great Britain, who was a semi-finalist at the Britain's Got Talent 2008.

Monday, June 2, 2008


English Editor

The UB Post is seeking a native English speaker to work as English Style Editor. If interested, send your resume to (This is not an online job)

Monday, April 28, 2008


MFA denies Shaariibuu's statement

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs clarified today that Shaariibuu's statement to Malaysian press representatives was his own personal view, not formal position by the Government of Mongolia.
The statement said that the Government of Mongolia carefully observing the murder trial, and has sent four letters to Malaysian side in the hope that the case would be solved fair and just.

Монгол Улсын иргэн, талийгаач Ш.Алтантуяагийн эцэг С.Шаарийбуу Монгол, Малайзын харилцааны талаар хийсэн мэдэгдэл нь хувь хүний санаа бодол бөгөөд энэ нь Монгол Улсын Засгийн газрын албан ёсны байр суурь биш юм.

Монгол Улсын Гадаад хэргийн Яам Малайз Улсад болж буй шүүх хурлын үйл ажиллагааг анхааралтай ажиглаж байна. Энэхүү асуудалд манай Засгийн газраас анхаарч Монгол Улсын Ерөнхий сайд, Гадаад хэргийн сайд нар Малайзын талд албан захидал 4 удаа явуулсан. Саяхан УИХ-ын гишүүн, Гадаад хэргийн сайд С.Оюун уг хэргийг шударгаар шүүнэ гэдэгт итгэж байгаагаа илэрхийлсэн захидал Малайзын парламентад УИХ-ын гишүүнийхээ хувьд явуулаад байна.

Шүүх хурлын явц байдлыг хөндлөнгөөс ажиглах ажиглагчдын зардлыг Монгол Улсын Засгийн газар гаргасан бөгөөд хэргийн явц байдлын талаар олон нийтэд мэдээлж ч ирсэн, цаашид мэдээлэх ч болно. Энэхүү хэргийг Малайзын шүүх олон улсын эрх зүйн хэм хэмжээний дагуу шударгаар шүүнэ гэдэгт Монгол Улсын ГХЯ найдаж байна.

2008 оны 4 дүгээр сар 28

It said Foreign Minister S.Oyun, as a Member of Parliament, has sent a letter addressed to Malaysian Parliament.


Mongolia-Stop Whaling!

Received an email from Fred O'Regan, CEO of International Fund for Animal Welfare ( He said

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) will soon be meeting to decide the future of whales. Japan continues to buy votes with foreign aid to influence the outcome of the next IWC in favor of increased whaling.

Japan is ignoring international whale sanctuaries, "buying" countries to support its position and trying to launch a return to full-scale commercial whaling. I will need your continuing support if we are to make a stand at the next IWC to ensure that whales remain protected. If Japan wins a majority of votes at the next IWC it will be a disaster for whales.
The other day, I got also an email from Amai. He noted that Mongolian journalists should send message by press to global audience that Mongolia's young generation is standing "all against their Government's stance on promoting commercial whaling". IWC meeting will be held in June in Chile.


Will Mongolia freeze diplomatic ties with Malaysia?

I doubt. But should wait for an official response by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs over what S.Shaariibuu stated earlier in Malaysia that Mongolia would break all diplomatic ties with the country in case if Malaysian judicial system fails to solve the Altantuya murder trial justice and fair.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Server down

Web server of the UB Post ( was down for unknown reason On April 23. Today, April 24, it resumed operation thanks to the company's web team.


Mongolia-Stop Whaling!

Ever visited Amai's blog (in Mongolian), a blog run a Mongolian music producer, Amai, who is traveling all over the world? A recent post was about a Mongolian whaling which I found really interesting.

He said he felt deeply ashamed to know that his home country ever voted for whaling in favor of Japanese whaling fleet, the biggest in the world. He is now traveling in somewhere in Africa, where he met a man called Tim from Wildlife Conservation Society.
Amai proudly talked with the man where he is from and about the world's first-ever strictly protected mountain is located in Mongolia. But his mouth was shut after knowing Mongolia voted "Yes!" with other pro-whaling countries like Mali at the International Whaling Commission meeting.

Some foreigners, whom I met with in the past, were also talking similar things to me. Even English Editor at our newsroom, a man from Australia, is a huge anti-whaling protester. Why Mongolia? Read this editorial? But note that this was not the UB Post's.


Whaling in Mongolia

Commentary by Paul Watson
Founder and President of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Are there whales in the Gobi desert?

There must be whales somewhere in landlocked Mongolia. Maybe some “Goby Dick” is at this very moment lurking in the depths of Lake Baikal.

Why else would Mongolia have joined the International Whaling Commission (IWC) to send delegates all the way to the Caribbean to cast a vote for the resumption of whaling?

Some people claim they have heard whale sounds in Mongolia. Closer investigation has revealed it was the unique and peculiar type of throat singing called Khoomiy. It sounds a little like oceanic humpback and is “sung” by shepherds in the desert but none of the sounds have led to any actual whale sightings – just sheep, horses, and shepherds. It may, however, be the link that will allow humans to communicate with whales. I think the Japanese are presently conducting research into this link with Mongolian scientists. It appears that a thousand whales need to be killed to research whale voice boxes. No word yet on how many Mongolian throat-humming shepherds will be lethally researched in the comparative study.

Khoomiy musical artists called Khoomchi insist there is no relationship between their music and the whales. “I don’t believe that there is a connection,” said famed Khoomchi Dashnym Enhtuya. “But our Japanese friends have said they will be researching this for us in Antarctica and promised to buy our CD’s.”

Mongolians did try to go to sea before – twice in fact – both times with disastrous consequences when they tried to invade Japan under Kublai Khan. They failed because of the Kamikaze or divine winds. That’s what the samurai called typhoons back then. The Mongolians refer to it as the time when that “crazy Kublai Khan guy tried to go to sea without a barometer.”

After the storm, there was a dead calm and that was the only time the Mongols ever got intimately close to whales. They floated around with them for days, except the ones in full armor life jackets who went quickly to the bottom to feed the crabs.

Mongolia is not a wealthy nation so there must be some economic motivation to send delegates halfway around the world to support the resumption of commercial whaling.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been unsuccessful in finding a Mongolian whaler to interview and there does not appear to be an argument for traditional or cultural whaling. Further inquiries revealed that 99.5% of all Mongolians have never seen a whale.

Interviews with Mongolian gourmets have revealed some fairly exotic recipes for horse’s milk, pony brains, and sheep’s eyeballs, but there was not a single Mongolia to be found who expressed a desire for a whale burger.

Japan denies that it has any influence over Mongolia’s attendance at the IWC meetings. Mongolia is an independent nation says Mongolian IWC Commissioner Mr. Tsend Damdin. “We are not influenced by other nations. Our vote reflects the concerns of our people who have expressed support for ending the global ban on whaling. Any suggestion that Japan is influencing us is a lie”

The Mongolian delegation’s travel expenses were covered by the Japanese pro-wildlife trade group the Japan Bekko Association. That is not a suggestion, but a fact.

When not in charge of regulating Mongolia’s whaling interests, Mr. Damdin serves on the Mongolian Olympic Committee. His area of expertise is in judo and wrestling, which according to Mongolian tradition, seems to make him an expert on whaling. This expertise was well reflected in Mongolia’s vote to accuse the whales of destroying the world’s fisheries.

Mongolians have never had a national referendum on whaling nor has it ever appeared on a ballot. Whaling is not a hot issue on Mongolian talk shows and is not your average topic of conversation amongst the horse manure shoveling crowd in the mornings.

But Mr. Tsend Damdin is prepared to change that. “I think Mongolia has a future in whaling. We don’t actually have to kill whales but if we vote to kill whales, Japan will give my Judo team a large donation. I think that the interests of Mongolian sports fans would be positively served with a strong judo team financed with the profits of Japanese whaling.”

At a special dinner hosted by the Japanese delegation in St. Kitts and Nevis, Mr. Damdin ate his first whale steak. “It was chewy, not as bad as dog, and a little tastier than horse, but Mongolian crystallized camel urine gave it the pinch of salt that was needed to make it go down with the local rum.”

Mongolia joined the IWC in 2002 because whaling is a matter of grave national importance to the Mongolian people who are worried that the whales are eating all of the world’s fish.

At this year’s IWC meeting Mongolia voted with Japan on every resolution earning Mr. Damdin a pat on the head by Joji Morishita. “That’s my boy,” said the Japanese whaling commissioner. “Ain’t he cute?”

Monday, April 21, 2008


New web design

Something went wrong with the old Joomla template of the UB Post last week, causing us a big distraction. So, new and clean template is up and running now. We hope our readers like it.



An old contributor to our newspaper Paul Bacon resumed writing for us sports. We published his article on Tseveenpurev's winning match for world boxing title. The event was reported to Mongolian audience only by Mongol News publications, UB Post and Tavan Tsagarig (sports periodical) . No other Mongolian press outlets was aware of this event. Thanks Paul.


New subscription price

Dear readers,
From April 25, a new subscription price will be effective immediately. For more than a decade (actually, since its first edition), the UB Post has had the current print subscription price stable, US$78 for annual, as well as online subscription.
The new subscription charges are as follows:

Print subscription
12-month: US$125
6-month: US$70
3-month: US$40

Online subscription
12-month: US$50
6-month: US$30
3-month: US$20

Note: Mongol Post company increased its postal mail tariff repeatedly in the past. And, further increases are predicted.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Journalist/Translator Vacancy Opened

We urgently require Mongolian national only.

Major duties and responsibilities
· Write articles on any of the following areas: politics, business, economics, culture, travel and entertainment
· Assist in developing and maintaining close collaboration with information sources
· Assist in editing articles for the English editor by finding necessary information
· Assist in layout pages for design editor by collecting required materials
· Perform other newspaper-related tasks as assigned by the Editor in Chief
· Contribute to the increasing newspaper subscription
Qualifications and skills
· Professional background and university degree in Journalism and Media
· Good desktop computer skills with sound knowledge of word-processing, spreadsheets and graphics software.
· Proficiency in the use of electronic information systems (Internet/Web) as an effective communication tool
· Previous professional work experience in print or interactive media at either national or international level.
· Fluency in English is required
· Ability to work independently

Candidates with professional journalism and translating experiences will be given strong consideration. If you possess the above qualifications, please submit your letter of interest along with your CV/Resume, and letter of reference from your previous employer to

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


New English Editor

Stephen Tucker, a journalism lecturer at the Radio and Television Institute, will be working as English Editor of the UB Post next week.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Baldorj Foundation Formed

Mongol News today announced to set up a non-profit journalism foundation, Baldorj Foundation, named after the late Chairman of Mongol News Media Group and State Merit Artist Ts.Baldorj. The foundation will have journalism prize, student scholarship that are selected annually.


English Editor needed

Been busy for the last two months that could not update this blog.
Our English Editor Julie Pitzen is leaving the Post next week. So, if anyone interested in taking her job, write to (replace _at_ with @).

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Prime Minister of Mongolia S.Bayar Visits the UB Post newsroom

The Prime Minister of Mongolia S.Bayar, who is also Chair of the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party, a ruling force, visited Mongol News Media Group and newsrooms of its affiliated publications including the UB Post.
(From left) Sh.Batmonkh, a journalist, the Prime Minister S.Bayar, Ts.Lkhagvasuren, a journalist, B.Nandintushig, President & CEO of the Mongol News Media Group, and Tirthankar Mukherjee, English Style Editor of the UB Post. Photo by T.Chimgee.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Support Mongolia Journalism

Our former English style editor, Deirdre Tynan, who was once working for the UB Post in 2003, raised funds at the Journalism School of New York University to support us. Day two of the fundraising effort has already secured a digital camera and a voice recorder. We say "Тус хэзээ ч багадахгүй", meaning help will never be less. We are deeply appreciative for all those efforts and thank Deirdre Tynan and Christiane Ayling for their sincere attitude to make this possible.

Monday, January 14, 2008



The Reuters reported Mongolia's vodka tragedy sourcing from the last week's UB Post front page article.

ULAN BATOR, Jan 11 (Reuters) - Mongolian police have uncovered an illegal vodka distillery in the capital Ulan Bator days after at least 13 people died and dozens were made sick by tainted alcohol, a newspaper said.

The distillery, whose licence was halted two years ago, was found making vodka which was believed responsible for the deaths, the UB Post said on its Web site.

"Also found were 200 litres of chemicals used in producing vodka, fake covers and print labels," the newspaper said.

Alcoholism is rife in Mongolia, a vast, windswept country sandwiched between China and Russia, which was run for much of the last century as a one-party Soviet satellite.

"The small room where this business was conducted was horrible, small, and had a terrible stench. A container used for mixing chemicals was unclean. There were no safety or hygienic standards at all," it added, quoting a police officer.

Last week, two additional deaths were reported due to tainted vodka that killed eleven people on New Year's Eve. More than 60 people were in hospital suffering from poisoning.
The Police confiscated all vodkas selling in shops in Ulaanbaatar. Photo by T.Chimgee
A container that is used for vodka distilling. Photo by G.Erdenetuya

Powder chemical and fake print labels. Photo by G.Erdenetuya

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Two hearts become one

Ad and Sales Manager of our newspaper J.Bolortuya, happily married last Saturday. We wish them everlasting love and happiness.

Monday, January 7, 2008


Translation Project

Started another translation project to compile country informations from English into Mongolian. The translation is planned to be printed as a data book of countries in the world. There are 192 countries that got international recognition and UN membership. But the project plans to include 201 countries and dependent territories including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Puerto Rico etc. This is the sample country, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, with all necessary brief information (I think) to view at a glance. Appreciate any welcoming ideas on this compilation.

Лалын Бүгд Найрамдах Афганистан Улс

Төрийн Далбаа:
Төрийн Сүлд:
Газрын Зураг:

Кабул. Гурван сая гарам оршин суугчтай хамгийн том хот. Бусад том хотууд нь Кандагар (450,000), Жалаллабад (168,600), Херат (349,000), Кундуз (264,100).
Лалын бүгд найрамдах улс. 34 аймагтай. Төрийн тэргүүн нь Хамид Карзай засгийн газраа мөн тэргүүлдэг. Засгийн газар нь 25 сайдтай. Шариатын хууль, иргэний хууль ижил үйлчилдэг. Парламент нь Жирга 249-өөс ихгүй суудалтай, таван жилийн хугацаатай сонгогддог.
Хүн ам:
31 сая 900 мянга (2006 оны байдлаар). 44.6 % нь 0-14 насны хүмүүс.
Хүн амын 42% нь паштун, 27% нь тажик, 9% нь хазара, 9% нь узбек, 4% нь аймак, 2% нь балох, 4% нь бусад хүмүүс эзэлдэг.
Газар Нутаг:
647,500 км2. Дэлхийд газар нутгийн хэмжээгээрээ 41-рт ордог. БНХАУ, Иран, Пакистан, Тажикистан, Туркменстан, Узбекистан улстай тус тус хиллэдэг. Уулархаг, хойд ба баруун өмнө хэсэгтээ тал газартай. Хамгийн нам цэг нь Аму Даръяа далайн төвшнээс дээш 258 метр, хамгийн өндөр цэг нь Ноушак далайн төвшнөөс дээш 7485 метр өндөр өргөгдсөн. Далайд гарцгүй орон.
Уур амьсгал:
Эх газрийн уур амьсгалтай. Өвөлдөө хүйтэн -25°C орчим, зундаа халуун 45°C-аас 50°C хэм хүртэл халдаг.
Эдийн засаг:
Дэлхийн хамгийн том хар тамхины ургамал, гашиш тариалагч орон. Наркотик үйлдвэрлэдэг хэд хэдэн лабораторитой. 2005 онд хар тамхины ургамал тариалалт 48%-иар буурч 107,400 га газар тариалсан. Засгийн газрын эсрэг зэвсэгт бүлэглэлүүд хар тамхины наймаанаас асар их ашиг унагадаг. Европт хэрэглэдэг хар тамхины 80-90% нь Афганистанаас ирсэн байдаг. Хар тамхи, мөнгө угаах санхүүгийн гэмт хэрэг хөгжсөн.
2001 онд талибаны дэглэмийг унагаснаас хойш тус улсын эдийн засаг ерөнхийдөө сэргэж байгаа гэж үздэг ч маш ядуу, далайд гарцгүй, гадаадын зээл тусламжаас хараат, дайнд хөлд сүйдсэн дэд бүтэцтэй. Ажилгүйдэл, авилга газар авсан. Орон сууц, эрүүл мэндийн үйлчилгээ, цэвэр усаар хүн ам нь гачигдсан. Хүн амын 53% нь ядуурлын төвшингөөс доогуур амьдралтай. Ажилгүйдэл 40%. Байгалийн баялаг дээрээ тулгуурлан богино хугацаанд хөгжиж, тогтвортой эдийн засагтай болох боломжтой гэж үздэг. Байгалийн хий, нефтийн асар их нөөцтэй.
Дотоодын нийт бүтээгдэхүүн:
2006 онд ДНБ-ий өсөлт 6% хүрсэн. Нэг хүнд 800 ам доллар ногддог. Гадаад өр нь 8 тэрбум ам доллар.
Байгалийн баялаг:
Байгалийн хий, нефть, нүүрс, зэс, төмрийн хүдэр, цайр, давс, үнэт чулуулаг. 11 сая тонн зэсийн нөөцтэй Айнакийн зэсийн уурхай дэлхийн хамгийн том ордуудын нэгт тооцогддог.
Аж үйлдвэр:
Сүлжмэл эдлэл, саван, тавилга, гутал, бордоо, цемент, гар хивс үйлдвэрлэдэг. Гар хивс үйлдвэрлэл нь Персийн орнуудын ижил төстэй хивснүүдээс чанараар сайн, гол төлөв улаан өнгөтэй, үнэтэй байдаг. Хуучирах тусам үнэд ордог. Баруунд Бухар хивс гэж алдаршсан. Иран, Пакистан зэрэг орнууд Афганы хивсны хээ угалз, дизайныг давтан хийдэг. Хээ нь гол төлөв найман талтай дүрс, зааны хөлийн мөр байдаг.
Хар тамхины ургамал, жимс, самар, гар хивс, ноос, даавуу, нэхий, хонины мах, үнэт чулуу гадаадад экпортолдог. Дийлэнхийг Энэтхэг, Пакистан, Америкт гаргадаг. Пакистан, Америк, Герман, Энэтхэг улсаас импортоор хүнс, сүлжмэл эдлэл, нефтийн бүтээгдэхүүн авдаг. Дотоодын Азизи Хотак компани дизель түлш, онгоцны түлш, бензин, шингэн хийн түлшээр хангадаг.
Барааны тэмдэг (Barcode):
Мөнгөний нэгж:
Афганистаны афгани (Код: AFA). Нэг афгани 100 пулитай тэнцдэг. 46 афгани нэг ам доллартай тэнцдэг.
Харилцаа холбоо/Дэд бүтэц:
280,000 суурин телефон утас хэрэглэгч бий. 2.5 сая гар утас хэрэглэгчтэй. Харилцаа холбооны дөрвөн том компани: Afghan Wireless, Roshan, Areeba, Etisalat ажилладаг. Хамгийн том GSM оператор компани нь Roshan, зах зээлийн 44%-ыг дангаараа атгадаг, 1.7 сая хэрэглэгчтэй, 930 ажилчинтай. Roshan-ы 51%-ыг Эдийн Засгийн Хөгжлийн Ага Хаан Сан эзэмшдэг, үлдсэн хувийг Monaco Telecom International ба TeliaSonera хуваан эзэмшдэг.
GSM системийн Afghan Wireless компанийн 20% нь төрийн өмч, үлдсэн хувь нь АНУ-ын Telephone Systems International эзэмшдэг.
Олон улсын утасны код – 93. Таван FM радио, 21 AM радио станцтай. Долоон телевизийн сувагтай. Интернэтийн код - .af
535,000 Интернэт хэрэлэгчтэй.
46 нисэх онгоцны буудалтай. 34,700 км урт замтай.
Афганы Үндэсний Армийн бие бүрэлдэхүүн 5 сая хүчтэй. 22-оос дээш насны эрчүүд 4 жил алба хаадаг. ДНБ-ий 1.9%-ийг батлан хамгаалах зардалд зориулдаг. 60.000 цагдаатай.
Афганистан түүхийн тодорхой хугацаанд Монголчуудтай холбогдож явсан. 1219 онд Их Монгол Улсын байлдан дагуулалтын үед Чингис Хааны цэргүүд үлдэн нутагшснаар одоогийн Хазара үндэстэн бий болсон гэж үздэг. Нутгийн хойд хэсгээр Хазарат аймагт нутаглан амьдарч байгаа эдгээр хүмүүс монгол гаралтай гэдэг. Үг хэл ярианд нь монгол үг байдаг.
Монголчуудын ноёрхол Иль хаадын үед үргэлжилж Төв Азийг бүхэлд нь захирч асан Доголон хэмээх Төмөр Хаан Афганистаныг удирдаж, түүний залгамжийг Бабур Хаан авч Моголын Эзэнт Улсыг байгуулан Кабулыг нийслэлээр тавьж байсан.
1747 онд Ахмад Шах Дуррани пуштун аймгуудийг нэгтгэж өнөөгийн Афганистан улсийг үндэслэн байгуулжээ. 1919 онд Их Британиас тусгаар тогтнолоо зарлажээ. 1973, 1978 онуудад тус оронд төрийн эргэлт гарч, 1979 онд хуучин ЗХУ коммунист дэглэм тогтоохоор эзлэн авснаар олон жил үргэлжилсэн дайн гарсан. 1989 онд ЗХУ олон улсын дарамт шахалтан доор тус улсаас цэргээ гаргасан. Тэр үед олон улс коммунизмын эсрэг тэмцэж байсан мужахидуудыг дэмжиж байсан. Олон жилийн иргэний дайнд үрэгдсэн Афган орон 1996 онд талибуудын хяналтад бүрэн орсон юм. 2001 оны 9-р сарын 11-ний Нью Йорк хотод хийсэн террорист халдлагын дараа талибуудын эсрэг Умардын Холбоо гэх эвсэл Осама бин Ладеныг орогнуулж байсан талибуудыг буулгаж авсан. 2001 онд НҮБ-ын дэмжлэгтэй Боннын Хурлаар тус улсын үндсэн хуулийг батлах, сэргээн босгах үйл явцын эхлэлийг тавьсан гэж үздэг. 2004 оны 12-р сарын 7-нд Хамид Карзай тус улсын хамгийн анхны шударга, ардчилсан бүх нийтийн сонгуулиар Ерөнхийлөгч болсон. Үндэсний Ассамблэйг 2005 онд эмхлэн байгуулсан.
Афганистаны үндэсний армийг бэхжүүлэх хөтөлбөрийн хүрээнд Монгол Улсын цэргийн сургагчдийн багийн олон ээлж тус улсад ажилласан.
Хүн амын 80% суннит лалын, 19% нь шиа лалын шашин, 1% нь бусад шашин шүтдэг.
Хүн амын 85 хувь нь албан ёсны хэл болох перс буюу дари, пушту хэлээр ярьдаг.
Хүн амын 30% нь бичиг үсэг мэддэг. Эрэгтэйчүүдийн 51%, эмэгтэйчүүдийн 21% уншиж бичиж чаддаг.
ДОХ-ын өвчлөл:
Нэг мянга орчим ДОХ-ын вирус тээгч амьдарч байгаа гэж үздэг (НҮБ-ын ДОХ-ын хөтөлбөр). Халдвар өвчний эрсдэлийг зэрэглэл өндөр. Хүнс болон усны гаралтай өвчнүүд зонхилдог. 3-р сараас 11-р сар хүртэл хумхаа өвчин тусах эрсдэл өндөрсдөг. Малын халдварт өвчнөөс галзуу түгээмэл.
Спортын хөгжил, амжилт:
1936 оноос хойш Олимпт оролцож яваа. Олимпын медал үгүй. Крикетийн спорт түгээмэл хөгжсөн. Бокс, бие хамгаалах урлаг, хөл бөмбөг, жүдогийн спортоор сайн. Олимпийн наадамд оролцсон хамгийн анхны эмэгтэй тамирчин бол жүдоч Фриба Разай. 2004 оны Олимпт тэрээр дунд жинд Испанийн тамирчинг 45 секундэд ялж байсан.
Ардчилалын хөгжил:
167 орноос 135-рт ордог, авторитар дэглэмтэй орон (Экономист сэтгүүлийн Дэлхийн Ардчилалын Индекс).
Авилгалын индекс:
1.8. 179 орноос 172-т ордог.(Трансперэнси интернэшнл байгуулага. 2007 он).
Үндэсний баяр:
8-р сарын 19. Тусгаар тогтнолын өдөр.
Алдартай хүмүүс:
Жалал ад-Дин Мухаммад Рүми (шашны номлогч). 1207 оны 9-р сарын 30-нд төрсөн.
1946 оны 11-р сарын 19-нд элссэн.
Монголтой харилцаатай эсэх:
1962 оны 2-р сарын 1-нд дипломат харилцаа тогтоосон. Тус улсад зорчих Монгол Улсын бүх иргэд визтэй зорчино.
Монгол дах дипломат төлөөлөгч:
Монголын дипломат төлөөлөгч: