Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Prime Minister of Mongolia S.Bayar Visits the UB Post newsroom

The Prime Minister of Mongolia S.Bayar, who is also Chair of the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party, a ruling force, visited Mongol News Media Group and newsrooms of its affiliated publications including the UB Post.
(From left) Sh.Batmonkh, a journalist, the Prime Minister S.Bayar, Ts.Lkhagvasuren, a journalist, B.Nandintushig, President & CEO of the Mongol News Media Group, and Tirthankar Mukherjee, English Style Editor of the UB Post. Photo by T.Chimgee.


ghenghis khan said...

The two Mongol women in the background are hot-especially the one in the black hair parted down the middle-wow!

Anonymous said...

Off Topic: Any blog comments on the articles today about the working group coming to agreements on amendments to the mineral resources law?

For example, does the sentence about a foreign investor being able to ask the permission of the government for investment over 50% refer to over 50% onwership of a project such as OT?

Would an exemption of the 68% tax be granted on the OT project if there is construction of a smelter?


Art K, Miami, Florida