Monday, December 10, 2007

Turkish visit

Our deputy editor, Bulgamaa, is back from Turkish visit to Istanbul this morning. Hearing travel stories is always interesting as I do like to travel a lot. One thing that was so impressive to hear was "Turkish people treat Mongolians very well" because both countries are same rooted nations. "When I say I come from Mongolia. They were really nice to me with great respects".

In modern-day Turkey, Mongolia's Chinggis Khaan is looked on as a great military leader and many male children are named after him. I just recalled that some years ago a front page story of the UB Post had an article on inaugural ceremony of the Chinggis Khaan's monument in Ankara, Turkey.

Effective from two months ago, Turkey freed visa regulation for Turkic language speaking nations in the world that include Mongolia or Mogolistan as they call us. So, Mongolian citizens are now traveling to Turkey without visas, which is a good thing.