Monday, May 21, 2007

Volunteer for the Mongolian press!

The UB Post, Mongolia's independent English weekly newspaper, is accepting applications for the summer volunteering opportunity. It's quite unusual that this year The UB Post has not received as many applications as usual for the summer.
The UB Post will provide one volunteer with press card (a mandate by Naadam organizing committee), valid during three days of the festival from July 11 to 13, and vehicle with interpreter to cover the festival. Volunteer will have opportunity to visit Central Stadium, see opening ceremony from media reporters' stage, go to horse racing field, trainers' campus, interview horse trainers, archers. etc.
Today, The UB Post desk accepted volunteer application of Ben John George Alcraft to start photojournalism from October 2007.
Currently volunteering at The UB Post: Medeleine Beresford, Julie Pitzen (English TV News Presenter), and Laura Puckett.


ben alcraft said...

Hi! I tried to email many times but it doesn't seem to go through, I was hoping to volunteer from the 8th of October to the 2nd of November? I hope that's okay? Sorry to post on your blog but it seemed to be the only way!

Kind Regards,

Ben Alcraft