Tuesday, May 22, 2007

No to Chinese instant noodles

The UB Post reported earlier that two students died after eating Chinese instant noodles in Ulaanbaatar. The author of the story, Madeleine Beresford, said Everyday Supermarket was a "major stockist" of the suspected brand of noodles, Da Hun Wan. Later, Everyday Supermarket administration has clarified that this was wrong as it has not stocked Chinese instant noodles since February 2007. It is believed that the instant noodles are imported from the nearest Chinese border city, Erlian, by individual merchant dealers in large stocks. UB Post apologized for the misunderstanding and published a correction on it.

I advise not only Mongolians but also foreigners not to eat this (pictured top) red-packeted instant noodles that are sold at Tg150 in all shops. Some volunteers we had at The UB Post have been eating this noodle like a biscuit without mixing it with hot water.

Photo by B.Byamba-Ochir, at the nearest shop outside (not Everyday).