Thursday, January 8, 2009

Congratulations to William Kennedy

Our English Style Editor William Kennedy became Journalist of the Year of Mongol News Media Group. Congratulations!


Robert said...

We're very proud of you.

Mom, Dad, Helen, Jane and Ben.

Nagi said...


Wow! What an achievement! Way to go!!!


Lindsay Nosewoth said...

One time I saw will knock out a donkey with a single punch.

Jack Weatherford said...

This is a wonderful honor for a wonderful person who will always be an important connection between Mongolia and the English-speaking world.

Wagtail said...

Congratulations Will! That's great news. As Nagi says, way to go!

Arjun Guneratne

Naran said...

I'm so proud that you were in our class.
Naran Bilik