Monday, November 5, 2007

Mongolian Girl Killed in USA

Today, all Mongolian language daily newspapers published news about a Mongolian girl shot to death in the USA. We found it shocking. The UB Post will have more details on Thursday.

A 15-year-old Mongolian girl was shot dead by unidentified men at Alameda Park in San Francisco last Wednesday evening, which was Halloween in the USA. B.Ichinkhorloo was hanging out with several of her school friends in the play area of the park when a group of about six Asian male teenagers in dark clothes tried to rob them at gunpoint, according to Alameda Police Department.
My sympathy and prayers to the family of Ichinkhorloo. I think that America is not as safe as other countries might think. There are too many young college teens with guns.

San Francisco report here.
San Jose Mercury report here.


Steve Foster said...

You mentioned that you think America is not as safe as foreigners expect. That can be very true, since people tend to base their preconceptions on movies and things, which may not be accurate. But it should be understood that America is a big place and can have significant economic and demographic differences regionally. Immigrants and students ought to find out a little about the various crime rates of their destination before hopping on a plane with the assumption that everyplace in the U.S. is the same.

VikingBoyBilly said...

That sucks. She's very pretty.
Too many college teens with guns? I'm in college and I don't know anybody with a gun. But IMO just one is too many.