Monday, July 9, 2007

Al Jazeera journalists are on mission here

I'm guiding visiting TV crew from Qatar-based Al Jazeera English TV, who are doing 1/2 program on Mongolian upcoming Naadam festival. The program will be featured by interviews with mining companies, NGO activist, university professor and international organization leaders. Unfortunately, Mongolian politicians did not want to give interview to Al Jazeera, which I think it would have been a great opportunity for them to get exposure all over the world....which frankly speaking Mongolian politicians don't get that often! The program will be aired live on July 11, and 100 million people are estimated to watch.
Mongolia has no chance to watch the Al Jazeera channel. No any cable TVs transmit the channel, which is free they said.


Fumi said...

do you know if al jazeera would post this interview on their website or youtube?

Choimboroljav Sumiyabazar said...

The story is here on YouTube.