Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Asia-Europe blog portal

Yesterday, I proposed an idea to launch a blog portal to the Public Affairs Department of Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) through email discussion with other participants of ASEF Journalists' Seminar. And, it's starting to generate some responses from others. ASEF has already built a large network of journalists in both continents. I think this is something that ASEF can build based on its journalists' network.

My first email:

A network of weblogs coordinated and written by journalists from each member states of ASEF.
A journalist from that country could become a contributor or moderator of his/her country's blog. They write un-filtered reporting, analysis and commentary. I think this would help filling gaps of information exchange between journalists of the two regions.

Transitions Online, a Prague-based online magazine that covers issues of post-communist countries, started a project, which is working very good, I think. It has sections dedicated to each countries of Central Asia and Caucasus. This project is working very well. Tajikistan for example: Any comments are welcome.
Subodh Ghildiyal, a journalist from Times of India:
Yes, we should build on what we have done. Be it through the blogportal as suggested by Sumya or some other discussion board (which is slightly difficult) or any which way. But yes, nothing better to sustain interest on serious issues than writing and discussion.
Alexander Haentzschel, a reporter from Frankfurter Zeitung:
Sumiyabazar has suggested to setup an online blog for the ASEF journalists. If you are interested, I could run/moderate this weblog on your behalf - maybe together with Sumiyabazar.
As far as I am concerned, I would focus on news about media and journalism in the member countries, because I observe the developments in the media and journalism particularly in Asia for the FAZ anyway. Of course, there should be also reports about past and future ASEF journalists seminars.