Monday, May 7, 2007

Wild bird collides Boeing 737 engine

Boeing 737, which was en route from Ulaanbaatar to Tokyo, was returned back to Chinggis Khaan International Airport on May 5 after a while it just took off from the airport. MIAT Mongolian Airlines company canceled its OM501 flight, which had 161 passengers were on board, due to a wild bird found crashed the Boeing 's engine.

Zuunii Medee newspaper reported Monday that the company also canceled May 6 flight of Ulaanbaatar-Moscow-Berlin. But on the same day, the company fixed the problem and now all routes are running as scheduled, the newspaper said. MIAT company has only two airplanes that run for international flights, Boeing and Airbus310-300.

Eagle TV, a Christian broadcasting, reported last weekend that Mongolia has no wild bird management and control system. "Civil Aviation Authority is better to feed raptor-type of bird, that catches birds," Eagle reported, which sounded weird to me. But this is true, some airports such as JFK International Airport and Manchester Airport feed falcons to cut down the bird population nearby the airport.