Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Kyokutenho banned from tourney for causing car accident

Mongolia-born sumo wrestler of Japan, Kyokutenho (Mongolian name is B.Tsevegnyam), 32, would not be taking part in the upcoming Summer Grand Sumo Tournament because of a traffic accident he caused, the Japan Sumo Association said on Monday. The executive committee of the JSA imposed a 30% salary reduction for three months each on Kyokutenho and his stable master Oshima as part of its punitive action.

Japan Today reported:

Kyokutenho ran into the back of a car waiting at a traffic signal at a junction in Nakano Ward on Saturday, causing the driver minor injuries. “You can’t go breaking the rules. This will not go unpunished,” said JSA director Musashigawa.
Mainichi reported:
Police are set to send an investigation report to prosecutors, accusing the 32-year-old wrestler from Mongolia of professional negligence resulting in injury. “I thought a car in the next lane moved forward, so I thought the traffic light ahead changed to green, and drove off,” he was quoted as telling investigators. Kyokutenho was not injured.
Kyokutenho obtained Japanese citizenship in June 2005, and is no longer a Mongolian citizen.


kanamaru said...

Excuse me to post here. But I want to say about Asashoryu's problem to you, mongolian journalists.

You know now in Aug 2007 in Japan Mongolian Yokozuna Sumo wrestler Asashoryu 朝青龍 is labeled 'depression' by docors.

I don't believe he gets depression.

I believe Junichiro Koizumi's Japanese Government and his secret sponsor Toshiba Corp unfairly made Asashoryu a Yokozuna by mind-control for Japan's diplomacy for Mongolian natural resource.

Does Asashoryu notice the microwave mind-control abuse 'depression' ? I don't think he wished and used mind-control swindle to win his Sumo matches. When he went to Japan, he was too pure and too younger to understand microwave mind-control technology, I think.
In the Koizumi's past real (and current shadow) administration, Japan will politically use Asashoryu like Pu-yi 溥儀 'the Last Emperor' of Manchuria 満州 when he will go home Mongolia with his success in Japan.

Therefore, it is the best for him that Asashoryu goes home now forever. Please rescue him.

I can understand Mongolia doesn't have mental illness.

Seitaro Kanamaru
The Targeted Individual from Toshiba Corp since Nov 1997 and Socially Purged Individual in Terror Support States Japan after Nov 15, 2001