Thursday, April 19, 2007

Does Nomin Motors sell stolen vehicles?

I decided to open Yellow News category in my blog. Those news come from daily "yellow" newspapers, not those real tabloids. In Mongolia, there is no classic broadsheet newspaper as far as I know. Some daily Mongolian newspapers tend to look as broadsheet by their design, but their content is tabloid.

Niigmiin Toli (Social Mirror), Mongolian language daily newspaper reported today:

Nomin Motors company sells stolen vehicles imported from Singapore. Singaporean police force may come to Mongolia for investigation of this trans-national crime. The most of the vehicles, that Nomin Motors company sells, are right-handed drive. Reliable source said diapers, and clothes are found in Nomin's garage where they usually do "Pimp My Ride".
The newspaper's investigative news department published this as it said, but this information has not been proved by any evidence. But, everyone knows Mongolia is a destination for stolen vehicles especially Japanese and Korean vehicles. When I was talking to a friend of mine, who used to do import business of used cars, I found that Pakistanian nationals majorly involved in this business.

Onoodor newspaper reported
Senior official of the government's Office of Immigration, Naturalization and Foreign Citizens, B. Lkhagvadorj, was found that he misused his position and accepted two Mitsubishi Pajero jeeps from Pakistanian nationals in exchange of giving resident visas. Criminal Police Department opened a criminal case against him. In addition, Ch.Nyamjav, human resource chief of the organization, was also found guilty for accepting corruption.